Emerging Startups From 2021 Worth Keeping An Eye On

Ofir Eyal Bar
4 min readDec 13, 2021
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Every passing day brings us closer to an AI-based world, offering abundant opportunities for tech startups to present their innovative ideas and make their mark. With Amazon’s AI Conclave 2021 and its broad set of artificial intelligence and machine learning services, it’s evident that AI and robots are going to be a significant part of our future. It is no surprise, thus, that many investors adopting a new outlook on the tech industry, keenly observing new startups. But how would one know if a certain startup is going to survive and flourish?

I am Ofir Bar, an angel investor in real estate and startup technologies, with experience of over two decades of investing. Just like other eager investors, I, too, had the same gnawing question of how to filter out the best and sustainable startups. Well, the answer is pretty simple: research.

In this article, I’ve curated a well-researched list of a few of the most promising emerging startups of 2021, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

List of the most interesting startups of 2021


Meatable is an organic meat production company that sells lab-grown meats. With a viewpoint of the current meat production not satisfying future demands, this new startup has marked its place with this innovative idea.

Meatable picks a single cell from the animal’s body to develop the whole organ later in their labs. While the natural process takes about three years, this organization replicates the same process in just three weeks.


Pleo, a new kind of credit card service provider, aims to reduce the hassles of both the organizations and its employees when it comes to salaries, accoutning and so n.

Instead of dealing with paychecks and money transfers, firms can provide employees with these cards that can be used in ATMs and stores — just like a regular credit card. While the company can benefit from simplified processes, employees can get exciting discount deals.

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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the fashion industry witnessed major wipe-outs of its profits, but many startups have come up with unique ideas to pull the market up.

Wardrobe is no less than your own fashion closet. This e-commerce app lets customers buy luxury clothes, sell used fancy apparel, and share innovative ideas on designing custom garments, all from the palm of your hand. Convenient and affordable, Wardrobe is a tailored app for fashionistas of the 21st century.


DapperLabs is a gaming company that develops crypto-powered games for Gen Z gamers. Apart from designing games, the startup is also working to make blockchain a reality, considering only a few are tinkering with the blockchain right now.

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Waiting for buses at the station doesn’t contribute to our tight-schedule, time-bound working hours, right? Well, Swvl, a premium bus booking app, saves us such annoying morning hassles. People can easily book fixed-rate rides, as well as check out the arrival and departure times along with the exact stops with this mobile app.


Porch is a new startup that offers a convenient mobile platform for calling plumbers, electricians, maids, carpenters and other service providers. What’s even more exciting is that all of these house repair handymen and handywomen are freelancers, meaning you can get your work done at the lower rates while contributing to the local economy.

iRise Mechanics

iRise Mechanics works on next-generation technologies, including AI systems and intelligent bots for health and safety. The organization has designed robotic mobility devices for people with limb disabilities. What’s astounding about this invention is that these robotic mobility devices work through software to assist and simplify the user’s daily tasks.

Final thought

I, Ofir Bar, love opening doors to startups by investing in their innovative business ideas. And with so many soaring technologically-advanced startups emerging these days, the future seems bright and promising for both the startup community and the investors.



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