4 Great Sources of Knowledge to Learn More about Real Estate Investing

The first steps of getting involved in the real estate business are some of the most exciting and because of that, it would be critical for you to start with your right foot. Education is at the root of every successful career and without it, you’ll end up making a lot of rookie mistakes, postponing the great results we’re all expecting after hard work.

I am Ofir Eyal Bar, a real estate investor, and digital marketing entrepreneur, and in this post, I would like to share with you some resources that personally I find as helpful sources of knowledge to the real estate business.

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# Books

Each of the four sources I’m about to share can provide insightful information about real estate. In case you are passionate about reading, there are plenty of books available for purchase in the field. Brandon Turner David M Greene, J Scott, and Jay Morrison are currently some of the most popular and the best writers when it comes to real estate. People buy their books and with plenty of good feedback already, it means any beginner could find relevant information there.

Considering the age of technology is now favoring written content, I am aware a lot of the people are not into reading. However, this is a skill you should develop, considering it is healthy for your brain, but at the same time, it will help you build up confidence and understand this is a long-term endeavor. Even though success comes from an early stage, continuous education will be part of the process until you’ll put an end to your career.

# Webinars/seminars

For those that don’t fancy reading, webinars and seminars attended by experienced real estate individuals are other great sources of knowledge. The most important thing is that you will get direct feedback from somebody that already got involved in the business and can provide pieces of advice on how to deal with multiple challenges along the way. It will help you get past the rookie mistakes and accelerate your learning curve.

At the same time, these events are a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests. In the field of real estate, having diversified connections will be a critical factor. You could find new business partners or get feedback from others that are already into real estate in areas you’re interested in.

# Media websites

Staying connected to all the real estate developments is another critical factor to consider and the best place to take this information is from the media. Bloomberg, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or other local publications from your country can provide insightful and accurate data on how different real estate sectors are performing, as well as where large investors are putting their money to work.

Also, blogs and Medium pages like mine can be very useful. You have the opportunity to find relevant information in short articles, without having to read long books or attend hours-long events. You can choose any time of the day to study them, allowing you more flexibility. Keep in mind that information is one of the most important commodities in real estate, and unfortunately, getting access to it very fast might be difficult.

# Your own mistakes

The last source might seem a bit funny, yet there is no other better way to learn other than from your own mistakes. If you’ve already acquired some information and made up a comprehensive action plan, then there’s no point in delaying the action. Start the business and as you constantly get feedback from what you’re doing, it is important to make adjustments, until the expected result will show up.

Most people believe there’s an easy way out and they can learn real estate investing without any pain along the way. That’s silly thinking and too far from the actual reality. Mistakes are part of the game and your goal should not be to learn from them and adjust once you make the wrong step.

Ultimately, there is no Ofir Bar real estate strategy or other secret rules that can lead to the results desired. You have to find your way and these 4 sources of information are intended to provide feedback from many different angles. Some will work and some won’t. Real estate is different from a country to another and because of that, even the best strategies, that work anywhere else, will be to be adjusted, based on the local conditions.

The field of investing is constantly changing and because you’ll be competing with other investors or companies, it is critical to keep educating yourself and always be one step ahead of everybody else. Hope my four great sources of knowledge for real estate investing are the ones you’ve been looking for and wish you good luck in your venture!

A successful businessman, digital marketing entrepreneur and Real Estate investor.

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